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Migration & immigration law.

At Marino Law, our team of migration and immigration experts understand the complexity of immigrating to Australia. We will work closely with you by developing a detailed ‘roadmap’ or pathway to achieving your permanent residency, Australian citizenship or whatever your immigration goals may entail.

We understand that immigrating to Australia can be stressful and that it can be extremely challenging to navigate through the complex Australian immigration and visa application system in the absence of trusted advisors.

It is essential to get the visa application process right from the very beginning and it is imperative you obtain legal advice before making what are often considerable investments to secure your future in Australia. In Australia, only Registered Migration Agents can provide immigration assistance. At Marino Law, you can rest assured that you are always receiving the most accurate and timely advice from our expert team, knowing that we are not only Registered Migration Agents but also lawyers admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland with years of experience assisting clients by securing their long term futures in Australia.

Our team provides practical and clear advice from the commencement of the visa application process to save you the unnecessary expense

and delay of having to either appeal a visa refusal or re-lodge an application, whether overseas or onshore in Australia.

Our team of expert immigration lawyers have experience in all facets of migration law, specialising in:

  • Temporary & Permanent Work Visas/Employer Sponsored Migration;
  • Family & Partner/Spouse/De Facto Visas;
  • Investor & Business Visas;
  • Skilled Visas;
  • Visa Cancellations & Review Applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal;
  • Waivers of Re-entry Bans; and
  • Citizenship and Resident Return Visas.

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Citizenship And Resident Return Visas

In order to maintain your right to live and work in Australia, a permanent visa holder must apply for a Resident Return Visa in order to renew his or her visa every five years (subject to meeting certain criteria) or apply for and be granted Australian citizenship. At Marino Law, our immigration lawyers are experts in all forms of citizenship applications and…

Family & Partner/Spouse Visas

Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens are able to sponsor certain family members to join them in Australia. The laws around sponsoring family are complicated and often subjective, as in the case of partner visa applications where the Department of Immigration and Border Protection must be satisfied that…

Foreign Investment Review Board Approval

In Australia, the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Cth) (‘FATA’) governs foreign investment within the country. Under FATA, the Federal Treasurer may reject certain applications to purchase real property where he or she determines a foreign acquisition to be contrary to Australia’s national interest. At Marino Law, our team of expert immigration and property lawyers….

Investor & Business Visas

Marino Law prides itself on its business migration services, complementing the firm’s commercial, corporate and property law divisions. If you want to establish or develop a business in Australia or make an investment in an Australian state or territory, there are certain visas which may be available to you which allow you to live in Australia…

Skilled Visas

Skilled migrants and international students continue to be attracted to Australia by its vibrant culture, desirable climate and strong economy and while the Government’s policy objectives are largely focused on targeting skilled migrants, Australia’s immigration system can nevertheless be challenging to navigate without the assistance of qualified advisors…

Temporary & Permanent Work Visas/Employer Sponsored Migration

Marino Law has specialist expertise in all forms of employer sponsored migration and can assist with temporary work visas, permanent work visas under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Employer Nomination Scheme and negotiating formal Labour Agreements with the Department to assist larger businesses and recruitment agencies with ongoing…

Visa Cancellations & Review Applications

At Marino Law, we understand the stress, heartache and anxiety that can accompany a visa refusal letter or a letter of intention to cancel a visa. Our expert immigration lawyers can help you fight a cancellation notice or overturn a visa refusal. We specialise in the following:…

Waivers of Re-Entry Bans

In the event that you overstayed on a prior visa while in Australia, you are automatically subject to three year exclusionary ban on re-entering the country on any temporary visa unless the ban is waived. An exclusionary ban will only be waived where the Department is satisfied that there are compassionate or compelling circumstances that affect…

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